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JPC report on data protection raises questions for privacy, business & regulation
GoI should ban cryptocurrencies without exceptions. Blockchain technology can be explored anyway
Gurdwaras have played a large role in the life of this honorary Sikh
Banning cryptos totally will be counterproductive. Allow room for asset trading & tech innovation
What Peng Shuai case tells us about the state of women and treatment of MeToo victims in the country
A tale of two Kolkatas, GenNext and GenPast
Nothing would reiterate its continued ascent to diplomatic heavyweight status than New Delhi putting diplomatic and security stakes in Somaliland, on the cusp of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, next to China’s first foreign base in Djibouti
Anil Ghanwat, a member of the Supreme Court appointed panel on farm bill says that repealing the bill is a big mistake and that the government should stop intervening in the open market
For clean-shaven people, it is a daily routine, but it was not trivial. Harjeet helped me see, in his quiet way and in only a few minutes, what I had never noticed in years
Not many know about how the US tried to institute a minimum support price for dairy in the 1980s. Dairy farmers were happy — but the government was left millions of dollars poorer and with thousands of tonnes of cheese rotting in its warehouses. Indian policymakers could learn from the US example
A tight control not only leads to a big risk of low sugar or hypoglycaemia, which causes palpitations, sweating headaches, intense hunger and even death, but also expenditure on medicines that pharma companies are pushing
Meant to provide affordable, basic, overnight accommodation, at the very least, the capsule hotel by the Indian railways, should have a check-in process that’s streamlined, and, a vending machine or two
Cryptocurrency: Ideal law will ban use as legal tender, allow it to be an asset
Their challenges have taken a backseat at global negotiations, this must change at COP27
The India-China stand-off is about the border between democracy and dictatorship
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