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Pokémon BDSP’s fourth gym leader, Crasher Wake, specializes in Water-type Pokémon, posing a challenge for players using Fire or Ground types.
Crasher Wake is the gym leader of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s fourth gym in Pastoria City, and he specializes in Water-type Pokémon. While players training a full Fire-type or Ground-type party may struggle in this battle with their type-weaknesses to water, Crasher Wake is one of the easier gym leaders to defeat in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.
Players hoping to become the very best must take on all of these gym challenges to go head-to-head with the game’s Elite 4 and reigning Champion, and each one will reward them with a unique badge that allows them to progress further in the game, explore new areas, and learn new abilities. Crasher Wake’s Pokémon are around the same level as the previous gym leader’s, so players will likely have Pokémon that are a higher level than his by the time they reach Pastoria Gym. However, trainers need to watch out for his signature move, Brine, which is a powerful finishing move.
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Pastoria Gym is full of water, requiring players to raise and lower the water level in order to reach Crasher Wake. The buttons on the floor each correspond to a water level, with orange being the lowest, blue being the highest, and green being in the middle. There are several Tuber and Sailor trainers throughout the gym that players must battle, most of which use Water-type Pokémon between level 24 and 28.
Water-type Pokémon are weak against Water, Grass, and Dragon-type Pokémon, so players who have Prinplup or Grotle will have an advantage against Crasher Wake. Electric-type Pokémon are also strong against water, and trainers with a leveled-up Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, or even Pachirisu will be able to take Crasher Wake down fairly easily. However, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players entering this gym with Monferno or Ground-type Pokémon like Onix may be in for a bit of a challenge.
Crasher Wake’s party consists of the same three Pokémon he battled with in the original Diamond & Pearl: Gyarados, Quagsire, and Floatzel. However, their movesets have been updated in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.
Gyarados / Water & Flying / Level 27
Quagsire / Water & Ground / Level 27
Floatzel / Water / Level 30
Trainers with an electric-type or two in their party should be able to knock out Gyarados and Floatzel with only a few hits, but Quagsire’s Ground type helps round out Crasher Wake’s weakness in this area. However, Quagsire’s weakness to grass will allow it to be beaten with a Pokémon like Grotle or Budew. Grass Knot can also be taught to a Pokémon using the TM86 trainers earn from Gardenia in the Eterna Gym, which is particularly effective against Quagsire since it’s a pretty heavy Pokémon. Players should be sure to keep their Pokémon’s health above half when battling Gyarados and Floatzel if possible, as Brine will deal double damage to targets who are below half health, making it a powerful finishing move that can quickly knock out the player’s Pokémon if they aren’t mindful of it.
Crasher Wake will reward players with the Fen Badge, which will allow them to use the Defog ability outside of battle. He will also give them a set of his Stickers so they can customize their Poké Balls for Super Contests. Players will also get five TM55s, which will teach a Pokémon Brine.
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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.
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