Driver of stolen pickup tries to flee Bend police, collides with 2 vehicles on S. Hwy. 97 – KTVZ


Police say driver went around patrol cars trying to stop him in parking lot
BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The driver of a stolen pickup truck went around police cars trying to stop him and collided with two vehicles on South Highway 97 Wednesday evening, ending up wedged against another pickup and unable to get away, officers said. Police with guns drawn ordered him out of the truck and he was jailed on several charges.
Police responded around 5:45 p.m. to a report of a stolen vehicle that occurred about a half-hour earlier at the parking lot of Goodwill Industries on South Highway 97, Sergeant R.C. Bigelow said. Officers met with the owner of the pickup and recorded it as stolen; it was not running and did not have keys in it when taken, Bigelow added.
Just after 6:30 p.m., and officer spotted the stolen pickup in the area of Pinebrook Plaza, also on South Highway 97, Bigelow said. More officers soon arrived to try to establish a perimeter around the truck.
At that point, the 46-year-old driver, who recent court records show is a Bend transient, began driving out of the parking lot, toward Highway 97. The sergeant said officers with emergency lights activated tried to stop the driver and block him in, but he accelerated, went over the curb and around the police cars, through landscaping and out onto Highway 97, amid oncoming traffic.
The stolen pickup was struck by a southbound landscaping pickup pulling a utility trailer, Bigelow said, and the stolen pickup then hit an Audi passenger car.
The stolen pickup ended up wedged against the landscaping pickup after the crash, Bigelow said. The driver tried to drive away but was unable to free the vehicle.
Officers approached the stolen pickup with guns drawn and ordered the driver out. Bend police K-9 Kim and handler Corporal James Kinsella were at the crash scene, but Kim was not deployed to make the arrest.
The driver, who was unhurt in the crash or while taken into custody, was taken to the Deschutes County Jail and lodged on charges of attempting to elude police, reckless endangering, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, second-degree assault and attempted hit-and-run.
The male driver of the landscaping pickup and a juvenile passenger received minor injuries and were evaluated by Bend Fire & Rescue medics but were not transported for further medical care, Bigelow said. The Audi’s driver was not injured.
Traffic on South Highway 97 was diverted for about an hour, until the vehicles could be removed.
Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.
Was wondering what all the commotion was from where I work. At first thought someone at am/pm got got or it got robbed. What if the suspect had gotten truck freed and tried to escape through Walmart’s parking lot. Scene could have played out like the one in Waukesha last weekend that MSM has ignored because the facts doesn’t check their boxes.
We’ve had dozens of stories on Waukesha, as has every media outlet in the country. Happy Thanksgiving.
Barney, NBC (Z21 is an affiliate), MSNBC, and almost every other MSM source continue to get the facts wrong surrounding these stories and not only fail to admit it, they keep pressing on with bigger lies. The liberal press and politicians have caused this decay with their lies and false narratives.
Point to any specific, proven “lies” or “wrong facts” in the stories on our site and we will pursue it, even though it’s an automated feed and we don’t write or edit the national news here.
Happy Thanksgiving.
You just proved my point. If you cant see the lies your parent company spreads as well as many others then you are part of the problem.
And you proved my point with no specifics, just broad accusations.
Thankfully we have many loyal viewers and readers who let us know they support and appreciate what we do, and don’t buy all the anonymous commenter/trollbait.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Google the info Barney. The media (Z21 included) has spread nothing but lies and false information for years now. One has to be blind or incompetent not to see it.
That’s not true and you know it. I asked for a specific here, on a local story where we “lied.” The broader the brushstroke, the thinner the paint.
We’re not perfect. No one is. But I am not blind and believe we’re pretty darn competent, despite the hate flung at… well everyone folks disagree with any more. Big targets – govt., media – are easy to blame/write off in some ridiculous over-generalizations.
Happy Thanksgiving anyway.
You get articles from CNN which has anchors that threaten people then get sued for millions and lose. The tide is hopefully turning on the media and their lies.
Then why do you come here? And where on our site are the lies you claim?
Dozens I didn’t say this site in particular, don’t know why there was an urge you felt to protect MSM like NBC. If we can’t point out the improprieties the parent company spreads than we have a case of sour apples pig.
Because the mainstream media is not all bad despite the unfair attacks and criticism. Millions still watch them and find them responsible, reputable and trustworthy.
Nor are veteran journalists who try every day to prove the critics wrong about so-called “lies.”
But yes, many of you complain here about things we have nothing to do with or control over because a (you have nothing better to do? and B: most such sites gave up on civil dialogue in comment sections long ago. Can’t say I blame them. Our Facebook comment mob is even more toxic, and harder to babysit. Some still find “entertainment” value in reading the stuff folks post here (changing no minds), others have given up on it long ago.
But… Happy Thanksgiving!
MSM is furious about Thanksgiving saying it hurt the indigenous people when pilgrims landed at Plymouth. That it’s promoting genocide and white supremacy. is the site that has the story off of opera web browser.
No such stories here, right? Please advise if so.
He may be referencing the fact mainstreams media has been calling the Waukesha murders a “parade crash”
Are you serious ??? “Point to any specific, proven “lies” or “wrong facts” in the stories on our site”…. The Steele Dossier- Russian Collusion- Brett Kavanaugh raped women- The Covington High School boys started a riot- Michael Avenatti for President- Summer Zervos ! All “proven” false- lies- wrong facts… I’ll save all things CV19 for any response you may feel the need to write.
I said WHAT WE WROTE. And what is on the site NOW.
As usual you miss the point and cling to years-old … whatever. (I even bet if we argued for an hour over THOSE stories that we never wrote and came by automated feed, I’d say they quoted every official accurately at the time.)
So then it goes to alleged, often false ulterior motives and whatever else you’d throw out there to obfuscate.
Except the guy in Waukesha wasn’t trying to “escape” anything. He caused and left one disturbance then started mowing down from behind innocent children, grandmas, grampas and school band members. He weaved back and forth to hit as many as possible and struck/ran over over 40 people.
It will continue as long as you allow the Homeless in Bend & surrounding areas Just glad no one got killed
State law and court rulings say you can’t just kick them out to make them someone else’s problems. We have to deal with the issues. Happy Thanksgiving.
Who cares about what the law is, obiden leads the way in not enforcing laws and court rulings. As to making them someone else’s problem, again obiden is/has flown, bused tens of thousands illegals all over this country, where is the outrage?
Well we owe our city councilors this and the rest of the liberals who want homeless camps. This will continue as long City councilors and liberals continue to support the many homeless who are not even from here but from out of state and from Portland.
He is just down on his luck. Have some compassion.
Oh, I’d say he’s plum out of luck now.
Seems to be happening a lot in the New Bend.
The number of cars being stolen by Bend’s domicile challenged is nothing compared to Portland’s. Over 900 cars stolen in September alone, close to 8000 per year averaging 20 per day. I guess ya gotta start somewhere but if we’re to match Oregon’s other liberal Utopian cities ours need to step up their game.
Yep. Keep catering to the homeless and “transients” Bend. We all can’t wait to be burglarized or have our cars stolen.
I went to Albertsons about 6:45 last night, and it looked like a bad crash, but I was wondering why there were so many cops there. Now I know. Fortunately the others involved
weren’t seriously injured. I wonder if the guy lives at the big homeless camp that
is in the field behind Shari’s ?
Hope the bail is high enough.
With no keys and not running, how did he steal it?
It’s not real difficult, especially with older vehicles, and the pickup looks to
be somewhat older. No I don’t steal cars, I’m 60 years old and I’ve been working
on them since I was a kid
Screwdriver and 2 minutes – or less.
After all that, you’d think Central Oregon News Non-Leader would ID the thief.
If he was a policeman they would.
How do recent court records show he is a transient? Court records show he has multiple arrests in Bend and Deschutes County going back to at least 2014 and including previous car theft. When is it time to give him a reasonable sentence for being a habitual criminal?
It wont happen. The liberal DA here and the media wont cover it. They seem intent on siding with lawbreakers. The media wont ask logical factual questions at our gov’t officials.
” When is it time to give him a reasonable sentence for being a habitual criminal? ”

That will never happen as long as Brown and the other liberals are in office.
She is more concerned about releasing prisoners early, even when they have been
involved in a brutal murder, and her buddy Hummell is on the same page too.
Criminals know that they have nothing to fear because our elected officials
are spineless. Even if we do manage to get rid of the liberals and start putting
people in prison or jail, and start following through with the death sentence that
the voters voted in, they would be crying and whining about it being unfair
and inhumane…
He is just part of the “catch and release” revenue stream both Deschutes County and Bend use, if they can get them to pay.
Since media transformed him from career criminal to “transient” the dude is elevated to magic protected class i.e. useful pawn for woke social engineering. Happy Thanksgiving 🤠
We generally use the term when police use the term, as they have in these incidents.
That is one of the drawbacks of cutting and pasting press releases and using them as news stories.
Despite the late hour, these were not “cut and paste” news releases. These were written from the police news releases, and did add a few things police shared with us when we asked. We fill “holes” in news releases from authorities all the time, when more information is releasable.
If this man is convicted of the multiple charges he is facing I’m sure he won’t be a transient for several years.
Won’t happen. They will have him plea to one charge of 2nd degree assault, dismiss the other charges and give him 60 days with time served.
Call somplace paradise, kiss it good bye!
Good thing Bend PD’s budget was passed.
Just gonna get worse.
City Councils finest.
Free bus tickets to Yuma.
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