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In the five states that will elect new assemblies over the next few weeks, the Covid vaccination certificate will not carry Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture. A similar practice was followed in 2021 during the assembly elections.

Altering the vaccination certificate during assembly elections forefronts the fuzzy line of demarcation between instruments of the state and the political executive. In a republic where the political executive draws its authority on the back of a popular mandate, there needs to be a clear line of demarcation between the state and a political party in power. This is missing in India where successive governments both at the Centre and states have intentionally diluted the line of demarcation.
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One way it shows up is in the manner in which provision of public services is framed. Nothing is free, be it vaccines or electricity. It is paid for by the taxpayer, which now includes almost every Indian household because of the scope of indirect taxes such as GST. How an incumbent government wants to spend a taxpayer’s money is a matter of fiscal policy and it can span anything from MSP for some farmers to bailouts for struggling telecom companies.
Fiscal policy can never satisfy all constituencies because it involves choices. But what it is not is a free provision of goods or services. Nothing is free for a society and the bill has to be paid by the taxpayer.
That India’s political parties frame it as a gift only showcases their feudal way of thinking. 21st century India is a republic and not a medieval state.
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Interested in blogging for We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at with a brief bio and we will get in touch with you.
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