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On November 19, the International Day of the Entrepreneurial Woman is celebrated. In the midst of a crisis that especially affected female employment, women find entrepreneurship an opportunity for economic recovery.

Latin America has become a magnet for investors: so far this year, investments in Latin American startups have reached a record $ 11.5 billion . In addition, the region went from two to more than 34 unicorns in the last four years and this marks only the beginning.
Entrepreneurships led by women are also a growing trend and, although they still only represent just 12% of the total number of unicorns born this year, the number of businesses led by women is increasing globally. According to Veuve Clicquot ‘s Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer Global Report 2021 , women found in the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to dare to go after that long-dreamed of project. Entrepreneurship appears as the best alternative for one in four women who do not want to return to their pre-pandemic job and is part of the phenomenon called “The Great Resignation”, in which millions of people leave their jobs because they do not adapt to his life style.
Women like entrepreneurship because it gives them financial independence, says the same study. But also because it allows them to be creative, and the more creativity they can apply to their work, the happier they feel. While male entrepreneurship is associated with terms such as vision, disruption, and strategy, female entrepreneurship is more associated with terms such as community, collaboration, and service. All values that came to the fore with the pandemic, and not only because social commerce increased in these months but also because the collaborative leadership model is the one that obtained the best results in handling the crisis.
Currently, companies led by women raise a scant 2% of venture capital , although it is proven that diverse teams generate better returns and that female entrepreneurship is the engine of reactivation of the post-pandemic economy.
But access to capital is not the only challenge women face when it comes to entrepreneurship. According to the Veuve Clicquot study , women lack female references in the area. Although Bumble , FIGS and Rent the Runway , all female-led companies, went public between 2020 and 2021, there is still a long way to go.
That is why we launched Skirt the Rules , a global movement that seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial power of women. It is a virtual community that shares valuable contacts and content, alliances, events, workshops and essential help when starting a business. Skirt the Rules was designed as a space where you can display the skills of women: effective communication, the power of empathy and the principle of community. Because women know that our difference is to do together with others , and that the more extensive our network is, the more visibility our capacities will have when raising capital. Through SheWorks! and Skirt the Rules, we seek to transform the industry to facilitate flexible work opportunities for millions of women around the world.
I am a woman and an entrepreneur. TransparentBusiness , the remote work management platform that announced its $ 1 billion valuation in 2020, has become one of the few unicorns led by a woman. Through a financing strategy called equity crowdfunding , which allows investment to be opened to private capital without having to resort to an investment fund, we were able to capitalize and in turn was the inspiration to launch Unicorn Hunters , the series of businesses that seeks to democratize access to the wealth for entrepreneurs around the world.
I want to take advantage of the International Women’s Entrepreneur Day to share other lessons that I learned on the path of entrepreneurship.
In a world whose rules do not always favor us, women often have to create our path. But we have technology in our favor and, with it, the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and scale our project to other markets, in record time.

Marisol García Fuentes
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Entrepreneur en Español
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