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After partisan gridlock delay, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act finally became law, thanks to the hard work of our Sen. Susan Collins.
Earlier this month, 296,478 Mainers voted yes on a transportation bond, Question 2, to support maintenance and upgrades to Maine’s crumbling infrastructure. The vote was overwhelming, with 72 percent of all ballots cast in favor of the bond. Question 2 passed handedly because infrastructure and transportation improvements are a top priority for Maine residents.
Maine’s roadways are lacking, which is why Collins fought so hard to shepherd the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act through after it fell prey to partisan gridlock and delays. This bill, which recently became law, seemed doomed for failure until Collins stepped up, joining nine other senators, to save it. As a result, Maine and the nation will benefit from the most significant investment in American infrastructure since the 1950s.
Americans want results, and time and time again, that is exactly what our senior senator delivers.
Bob Haynes



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