More than six years after Connor Tolson was found dead in his backyard bungalow, police are offering $1 million for information – ABC News


More than six years after Connor Tolson was found dead in his backyard bungalow, police are offering $1 million for information
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Victoria Police is offering a $1 million reward for information about the death of young Melbourne man, Connor Tolson, who died in his bungalow before it was burnt down in 2015.
The 21-year-old was found dead in the bungalow he lived in behind his family home in Malvern East, and an autopsy later revealed he had died before the fire.
Police are offering the reward for information about Connor's death and the bungalow fire.
Connor's father, Bill Tolson, said he wasn't expecting justice for Connor's death but he hoped for answers for his family.
"I have gone through three years of just howling my eyes out, of breaking down and bawling for three years," Bill Tolson said.
"I am over it now, I have realised the world is a pretty horrible place and I just accept the new world I am in but it would be great to have a conclusion for family."
He described his son as an "outstanding young man" who was a "talented artist" and "had everything going for him."
Connor played multiple instruments and his dad said he had recorded six or seven albums since the age of 12.
He said his son was a charismatic and popular young man without enemies.
"We had a little wake or memorial at the Botanical Gardens after he was gone, there was hundreds of people there," he said.
Mr Tolson said he was hopeful someone with information about his son's death would come forward now there was a reward on offer.
Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Kennedy from the arson squad outlined the details police have about the night Connor died.
On Saturday September 19, Connor's sister woke in the early hours of the morning to smoke coming from the bungalow where her brother lived, behind the family home on Berrima Avenue in Malvern East.
Connor's sister and mother tried to force their way into the bungalow but couldn't get in because of the fire and smoke.
The 21-year-old was later found dead on the floor.
Detective Senior Sergeant Kennedy said police initially thought the fire was an accident that had been caused by one of the many electrical appliances Connor had in the bungalow.
But an autopsy later revealed Connor had died before the fire.
"He had no sooting in his airways and blood tests revealed an absence of certain chemicals that are usually found in the bloodstream if you inhale black thick smoke," he said.
He said police now believed the fire was deliberately lit to conceal the death of Connor.
Detective Senior Sergeant Kennedy said the fire had destroyed evidence and made the investigation difficult.
"Fires of this extent are so damaging and they destroy most of the point of origin of the fire where it started, possible sources of why and how the fire started and basically everything in it," he said.
He urged anyone with information to come forward and speak to police, no matter how small a detail they know.
"However insignificant or minuscule that person thinks that information is, we want them to come forward," he said.
"It may help us solve the puzzle."
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