Pietermaritzburg psychic says SA can expect a female leader in a top post in 2022 | Witness – News24


Wednesday, 12 January
10 Jan

When the countdown to the year 2022 ended many may have wondered what the new year would be like compared to the past two years, which have been overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Two psychics who say they know what is in store this year told The Witness that it would be a better year.
Pietermaritzburg-based psychic, Maggie Mustard said she expects that the Covid-19 pandemic will hit its highest point at some stage this year but it will subside very soon after the spike.
10 Jan
Parents call for closure of all schools in Phoenix due to rise in Covid-19 cases
Parents are calling for the indefinite closure of all schools in Phoenix after it was revealed that schools in the area were the “epicentre” for Covid-19 infections.



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