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Salesforce is on a hiring spree. 
In August 2020, CEO Marc Benioff said the company was planning to add over 12,000 new jobs in 2021, many falling into the hybrid-work model adopted in the pandemic. This has opened up new talent pools for the company and new opportunities for ambitious professionals. 
The San Francisco software company also has a great reputation as an employer, ranking among Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work since 2016. The company currently has more than 4,400 open roles on its website, and 1,900 are located across the US. 
While Salesforce doesn’t share payroll information publicly, Insider matched the salary of employees holding the same job titles as those listed on the careers page, using federally disclosed data on Salesforce’s 2021 H-1B visa holders. 
While these salaries are based solely on foreign workers employed in the U.S, the data can still provide insight for job seekers looking to make a competitive wage. (To research more roles or companies, explore Insider’s salary database.)
Below are the five job categories with the most openings at Salesforce, the roles that fall under those categories, and how much job seekers should expect to make if they secure a position.
Salesforce has 1,889 roles open in sales, and 584 of them are located in the US. 
Jobs listed under sales include account executives, analysts, and technical architects, many of which earn a six-figure salary. Similar to account executives, architects serve as a liaison between Salesforce and its customers. They may also help customers set up and configure their Salesforce implementations.
These are some of the positions available, and the range of what current employees and visa holders make. 
Account executive: $80,142 – $136,302
Sales analyst: $77,043 – $99,798
Senior sales analyst: $88,754 – $110,094
Technical architect: 77,750 – $170,061
Senior technical architect: $122,429 – $168,158
Salesforce has been recruiting heavily this year for software developers and product managers to work on core business applications like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, as well as planning, troubleshooting, and strategizing new products. 
These roles earn many of the highest salaries listed and fall at the core of Salesforce’s products. 
The careers website has 981 roles open in this category, 597 across locations in the US They range in seniority, location, and experience. 
Software engineer: $72,134 – $174,117
Senior software engineer: $74,922 –  $190,757
Systems specialist: $70,387 – $142,501
Data scientist: $97,906 – $174,138
Director, product management: $118,394 – $227,802
Salesforce didn’t have many H-1B visa applications for business-focused roles, but there were a few for various types of customer support roles. Tech support roles earned between $60,000 at the low end to over $90,000 at the higher end. 
There are currently 785 open roles in customer support across the world and 304 the US.
Roles with a range had multiple salaries listed in the data, while roles with a single number only had one salary listed.
Tech support engineer: $55,744 – $93,891
Solutions architect: $147,597
Director of customer success: $103,917
Salesforce has 163 roles open in finance and operations, 91 located in the US. 
Jobs listed under sales include program managers, finance managers, and analysts. Program management at Salesforce takes a more organization-wide approach to consider Salesforce products.
These are some of the positions available.
Senior analyst: $102,606 
Finance manager: $143,187
Senior manager, revenue operations PMO: $110,094 – $140,254
Business operations program manager: $101,213
There are 111 open roles in marketing, with 74 in the US The list includes a range of experience levels and earnings, from a technical writer making $85,000 to a director position, making six figures. 
Here are some of the open positions. 
Technical writer: $85,488 
Product marketing manager: $88,754 – $148,512
Director, marketing: $147,035
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