Wake County school leaders say some schools operating with 20% staff absences – CBS17.com


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Wake County school officials have told principals that if staffing in schools dips by 20 percent, higher leadership should be alerted and talks would take place about whether teaching will go remote.
The memo sent to Wake County Public School System principals is about what should be done during staffing shortages.
Already, more than 100 school bus routes in Wake County were canceled Friday because of driver shortages.
A memo sent to principals said that if 20 percent or more staffers are out and the school “can no longer support in-person school operations,” then principals should contact area leadership.
In that case, there would be a meeting to “discuss next steps,” according to the memo.
Tuesday, an update noted that a school does not automatically move to remote learning if staffing drops by 20 percent.
“It is a proactive measure aligned with our goal of keeping students in in-person instruction,” school officials said.
A school district spokeswoman said that there are schools with absences exceeding 20 percent that are still teaching in-person classes.
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